1. sabrinaahmed

    Midterms Stress!!


    Who else is stressing over midterms. Since midterm weeks are ahead, I am so stressed out. I have Business Law midterm next Tuesday and my first case study due this Friday. One of my friend got so scared that did a fake sick call, now i don’t know what to …

  2. sabrinaahmed

    Go Selena!!!



    Today we did our second portrait animation. Now that I got the hang of it, its really fun to play with different filters and edits. I tried something new and tried to be innovative. I actually like the result.

  3. sabrinaahmed

    Nelson Mandela the SUPERSTAR!!


    Today we learned how to GIF the portraits of people or a person who inspire us. It was really cool and exciting to learned how to make your own gifs from the portrait you have chosen.  For my portrait, I chose Nelson mandala. Nelson Mandala was was a nonviolence anti-apartheid …

  4. sabrinaahmed

    Panorama Photography!!


    Today Professor. Seslow introduced CT 101 Panoramic Pictures. I was always interested in panorama pictures but I didn’t really know how to do them properly. It’s pretty interesting how one picture can tell two different stories. In panorama shoot, you don’t need any photoshopping, it does it on its own, …

  5. sabrinaahmed



    I always find memes comical and they always make my day. When I found out that we will be making memes in CT101, I was thrilled. I feel like by the end of this class i will be learning more interesting stuff that I wanted to learn. Making my first…
  6. sabrinaahmed

    5 minute crafts makes me HAPPY!!

    Life is Easier with 5 minute Crafts!

    I like many things about the internet because it makes our daily life easier. There are many things on the internet that helps us to live our life in a less complicated way. One of the thing I like to watch on the …

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