1. sdivitot

    Final Post Summary!!


    FINAL PROJECT: I did my Final Project on Remy the rat from ratatouille. I originally wrote up my plan for Happy Feet, but thinking about it more, after seeing an Ad for Ratatouille, I got inspired and its still one of my favorite movies. I enjoyed doing this because I …

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    Advice to Future Students


    I really enjoyed this class. The whole experience of learning new things in this digital era was so cool. You can use these skills you learn in the class for so many things. I hope my video below gives you an insight into this class. #1 tip is don’t leave …

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    Final Project: How is Remy doing now?


    Here is my final project on Remy the rat from Ratatouille. We were left off with the opening of the new restaurant Linguini’s Bistro. Customers loved it and they even had a section for rats to come and dine in, of course the humans didn’t know of this part. Linguini’s …

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    Tutorial Summary


    I created two tutorials. One I had done awhile back, and the other I completed just recently. I completed a tutorial on the assignment Splash color Effect and the other tutorial is on the Actor Transformation Assignment. I explain either where I find my own tutorial and what I did …

  5. sdivitot

    Tutorial on Actor Transformation


    To complete this assignment I used Windows Movie Maker. First you have to go to youtube and select your videos you want to use for your project. (1) Once this is done, you want to save the video as an MP4. This can be done using the tab PwnYouTube. …

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    Save as Desktop Background


    I really like to make my own computer desktop wallpapers and so I use the program Paint to create mine. I created an assignment that allows you to create you own. I made this assignment 2 stars because it can be simple and just a good one of putting different …

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    Did our Mother’s Plan this


    I created my very own visual assignment. One day I was looking through my friends pictures and came across a baby picture that was similar to one I had taken when I was little too. This made us laugh so much, so for the assignment I thought it would be …

  8. sdivitot

    Will Smith Transformation


    For this 4 star assignment, Actor Transformation, we had to take clips of an actor and show their development and how they have changed. I chose to do this for Will Smith. He began with Fresh Prince of Bel-air, and moved onto bigger movies such as Men in Black. …

  9. sdivitot

    What is Remix


    To find out the concept behind remix, I looked at 2 different references and 3 examples to get an idea of where remix came from and what it really is all about.

    The first reference I took a look at was a youtube video Everything is a Remix part 1

  10. sdivitot

    Final project planning


    So for step one where we choose a theme, I think I would like to commit to Happy Feet 1 and 2, and I think we all know why. I love penguins!

    My ideas:

    Video: I would like to mix Happy Feet 1 and 2 and make my own sort …

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    Eagle Landing is where its at!

    I did the the assignment Live Here! Here we were asked to describe and advertise for our dorm/living area and promote it. So I did a video around my apartment and described what features we have at Eagle Landing that other dorms wouldnt have.  I looked at the original example…
  12. sdivitot

    Three is company!

    I did the Movies by Numbers. Here we had to take various pictures to describe a number and add a song that relates to that number as well. I watched both a video on number one which was interesting because it was just pictures of the number one in…
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    Its Cooking Time!

    I did the Cooking Show assignment. Here we had to create a meal/food on video and describe what we were making just like on the Food network channel. I also watched a video on how to make popcorn which i thought could have been done a little better, though I…
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    I chose the Animated Music Video for my next assignment. For this we had to look at anime and pick a theme and relate a song back to it that describes the theme. Include the title of the assignment, its description, and a link to it in your writeup. I…
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    Weekly Summary 10!


    What I already have:

    I already have Windows Movie Maker. I have only used it once to make an gif clip. So I am not too familiar with it. I also just downloaded MPEG stream clip, which I learned how to trim from the tutorial. I plan to look over …

  16. sdivitot

    Learning more about My Best Friend’s Girl


    Looking at IMDb, and Wikipedia I learned three more interesting facts about this movie that I couldn’t gather from watching just the trailer. This movie contains, nudity and is considered to be very offensive in some way. The movie was received poorly by critics and on opening weekend they …

  17. sdivitot

    My Best Friend’s Girl Trailer


    This trailer, I must admit was very hard to diagnose because there were so many cross cuts, meaning back and forth actions between characters is was hard to keep up. However, I tried my best.

    Step 1: Just visual

    Overall, there was a lot of cross cutting, shot reverse shot …

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    Weekly Summary 9!


    Critiques on Radio Shows:

    My group was asked to critique RadTASTIC’s radio show. Here is my review.  And after listening to others and re-listening to our own radio show, This is my critique of our show.

    Storytelling within the Web:

    This was so cool to me. I never knew …

  19. sdivitot

    My Family Trip To Austria


    For this 2 star assignment we had to create a map in GoogleMaps of a story.

    I created a map of my trip to Austria this past Summer 2012.

    My family and I took a trip to Austria for two weeks to explore. We flew into Salzburg, and from there …

  20. sdivitot

    Fakebook and Tweeting


    This 3 star assignment was to create a fake Facebook and Tweet for a historical person. I chose to make a profile for Sigmund Freud. He had so many achievements and accomplishments that Facebook and Twitter would have been a great way to socialize and gets his ideas across. Now …

  21. sdivitot

    DS106 Posters


    ds106 Posters

    I went onto Groupon and found an item I thought UMW could sell for this class. I took Vintage posters and set them up to be a remembrance of the class and they became vintage DS106 Posters. I changed the summary of the item, the price, image, titles, …

  22. sdivitot

    Self Evaluation


    Here is our group’s Radio Show!

    Comparing our radio show to others I have now listened to I think we could have had a bit more interactions between the radio hosts and been a little more enthusiastic at times during the stories that were told. I think we did …

  23. sdivitot

    RadTASTIC review


    Take a listen to RadTASTIC’s radio show.

    They had mostly good quality of sound. I thought their commercials were a little too loud at times, compared to the rest of their radio show. When they talked as hosts they were clear, and the volume was good. They had no …

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