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  1. Shannon Swanson

    Audio Assignment 1 – Teen Angst

    Teen angst by Shannon Nicole Swanson I found an old entry from my xanga account I thought it would work well for the project. I thought about putting some background music on it but I think it sounds more dramatic “as is”
  2. Shannon Swanson

    Daily Shoot – Skittle vodka deadline!

    My brother is coming to visit me for the evening and I promised him I would make him skittle vodka to try. This picture is of it still marinating, I wasn’t able to get the vodka due to credit card issues (long story) until this afternoon, and it usually requires a whole day to sit ...
  3. Shannon Swanson

    daily shoot – choice

    Another shoot! I made the choice recently to get my monroe (actually, I think the right side is a madonna..) pierced. A lot of people said not to. The mouth is dirty, it’ll get infected, etc. etc. But I’ve had it for almost a week and no problems yet! I love piercings and tattoos, I ...
  4. Shannon Swanson

    Design Assignment – Minimalist Movie Poster

    I did a poster for my favorite movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind! The orange sweatshirt is an iconic piece in this film. It’s the hoodie Clementine is wearing when she first meets Joel at the beach party, and it reappears often throughout the movie. I started by using the font Thin Lines and ...
  5. Shannon Swanson

    We are all artists – my response

    Tim Owens is making awesome headway in ds106. Tim, I also struggle(d) with computer science. Graphic design is the perfect middle ground! Interesting response to the perception of art majors. People have a lot of misconceptions about art majors, so it’s exciting to hear about someone who isn’t typically “artsy” go on the path of ...
  6. Shannon Swanson

    Four Icon Challenge – Videodrome

    VIDEODROME In honor of Dr. O’blivion so graciously teaching our course, I decided to do a four icon challenge based on his breakout (and only) role in Videodrome. *SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE* The handcuffs represent the material broadcasted in Videodrome (oh, you know what I’m talking about). The television is clearly, well, ...
  7. Shannon Swanson

    iTunes poetry reading

    I thought it’d be cool to read out loud what I had written in iTunes. I think others should do this as well, it’ll give a new perspective on what you’ve written for the assignment
  8. Shannon Swanson

    Trying again

    After some much appreciated advice from Dr. O’blivion’s TA Jim Groom, I realized that I simply wasn’t doing enough to help find him! So I decided to make another poster to help further this campaign the best that I can! Jim Groom’s advice to go to, one of my favorite websites to waste hours ...
  9. Shannon Swanson

    What does it mean to be “ordinary?”

    Today (and yesterday) has been all about taking the ordinary and flipping it on it’s head. The dailyshoot assignment for today was to take something ordinary from a different angle. My visual assignment that I chose to do was to take someone from ordinary to extraordinary.   But this juxtaposition got me thinking.  How do ...
  10. Shannon Swanson


    I am SO distressed. After finally getting my new friend Leelzebub over here to search for Dr. O’Blivion with me HE GOES MISSING. This is a travesty!  A tragedy!  I will never recover.  Not until I find the Doctor MYSELF. I made this poster in a quick effort to help find such a brilliant mind!  ...

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