1. sherrys

    :[ :( Drivers Can Be Mean :I :{


    On my way to class this morning I was on the MTA buss when the buss driver says “Hey everyone the last stop will be at Sutphin Boulevard” which is not the location of York College. So, on the way out of the buss the driver said we can take …

  2. sherrys

    ‘( Sleeping Beaty In Her World **


    Welcome to the world of animations and gifs I created a realistic sleeping beauty. When I was a little kid I always wondered what sleeping beauty would be like moving especially in just one glimps. I feel that in CT 101 I have a chance to explore and create new …

  3. sherrys

    :D An Inventive Meeting :D


    I was apart of setting up the scene for this photo. I learned that it takes time and patience to get all of the props ready. Also, for the set up all of the people and mannequins had to be in a bright area. My team members and I worked …

  4. sherrys




    The fact that art can be converted into so many different forms by adding writing or cropping ect makes it fun. On Google I found all kinds of images of art, but the art were all very different. The color and the subject of the photo stands out …

  5. sherrys

    How I Do It :)




           Taking the Digital Storytelling 101 class has been a great experience this far for me. The resources that are available on the web can help me to create my own Graphics Interchange Format (GIFs), animated images, and short clips which I plan to share on my blog. Pictures and …

  6. sherrys

    Love DIY Projects Here It Is


    I am Sherry Shivprasad a junior and journalism major student at York College. As for the vast web I constantly spend my spear time looking at pictures, reading, and watching DIY project videos. At times it takes a few hours to completely look through all of the fascinating ways to …

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