1. @simplytelling

    – final reflection –


    Oh my god, we did it.

    We made it to the end…HOLY CRAP. I honestly didn’t think these 5 weeks would go by so fast, but D A N G. I’m a little emotional.

    So first off, let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed this class. It was amazing …

  2. @simplytelling

    – long awaiting –


    It’s barely morning when she wakes up. The sounds of the outdoor world penetrating through her windows softly. She finds comfort within the confines of her house, away from the rustle and bustle of the city she sees from her window. Her daily routine she finds safety in all of …

  3. @simplytelling

    – week four reflection –


    You know, despite the minimal amount of assignments this week…it was definitely a bit of a struggle to complete in a timely manner. Regardless of the struggle, it’s definitely awesome to be in my element of creating and editing videos. In terms of completing the assignments to the best of …

  4. @simplytelling

    – week three reflection –


    What an awesome week it was and I promise that’s not sarcasm. I was definitely excited for this portion of the class but also quite nervous because I hate doing voice overs or recording…it’s such an uncomfortable feeling. In terms of this week overall; I think I completed the assignments …

  5. @simplytelling

    a smug villager… – audio assignment –


    Are you ready to hear Taylor’s manly voice?

    I don’t think the world is ready for this opportunity.

    Anyways, for today’s audio assignment, I did a text impersonation! And lord have mercy on my soul, I did so many takes of this that I couldn’t even…

    So the text I …

  6. @simplytelling

    magnificent desolation – moon graffiti –


    The final post of the day! Huzzah!!!

    For today’s audio reflection, I finally listened to “Moon Graffiti” and oh boy, I loved it.

    For those of you who don’t know, I love space…I love watching live streams from a satellite, stars, space robot battles and the such. I wasn’t too …

  7. @simplytelling

    student life – audio assignment –


    Last post of the day, can I get a hollah!?

    Today I did my first attempt at editing audio and completed the required audio assignment, sound effects story. I’m actually quite pleased with how it came out though it’s not an exciting tale…it is one that I relate to personally.…

  8. @simplytelling

    – storytelling through radio –


    Welcome to week three! It’s our hump week, classy right?

    So, I’m noticing this week that we have a lot of reading and experimenting to do and let me tell you what…I’m going to need it. I’m not the best at talking let alone editing audio, so this week is …

  9. @simplytelling

    – week two reflection –


    Oh hey! We’re finally done with week two!

    So this week was all about graphic design and I felt kind of bittersweet about it. I love graphic design when it doesn’t require animation, but I was definitely going to try my best regardless. Overall, I think I completed the assignments …

  10. @simplytelling

    dear virginia drivers – design assignment –


    Well hello again.

    I decided to do a 4-star design assignment rather than re-doing one from earlier this week because…reasons. But for today’s assignment I went ahead and did the PSA Billboard which I found very rewarding.

    For those of you who don’t know…I absolutely despise a good 99% of …

  11. @simplytelling

    get rekt, nerds – design assignment –


    Oh lord, what have I done now.

    This week’s final design assignment was one I’ve been wanting to do for a while…design a t-shirt. Having been blogging for 5 years, t-shirt designs are something I have done once or twice for promoting purposes rather than franchising. Say for instance, when …

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