1. TimPeterson3

    Thank You CT 101


    Here we are again, at the end of another semester. Although we all long for the end of the semester because brings a sense of rebased pressure of classes weighing over you, there is a sense of “I’m going to miss this.”

    CT101 is one of those that fall in …

  2. TimPeterson3

    We Have Come Along Way!


    Last weekend’s assignment was to share our websites with our classmates and to check a few out and I must say we all have come a long way from that blank canvas we started with. Whether it be a changed theme, vibrant colors, or just great content, the transformation into …

  3. TimPeterson3

    The updated SportsTakesWithTim


    My website SportsTakesWithTim has come a long way from its generic, bland, flavorless beginning. With improvements to the theme, layout, and quality of the posts, the entire website has been reimagined. So I would like to reintroduce you guys to SportsTakesWithTim, and hope you check out my latest post about …

  4. TimPeterson3

    Welcome to SportsTakesWithTim


    In our previous class we created our very own domain. As a journalist, I seen this as the perfect opportunity to have an outlet to post all of my opinions on top stories in sports. I plan on sprinkling in techniques we learn in CT101 to improve the overall reading …

  5. TimPeterson3

    Memes are art. Let me explain


    The debates about “are memes art,” will never end. Those who consider art sacred will see memes as a joke, considering most memes are just that, a joke. However if you go by the definition of “art” then memes fit the criteria.

    Art= the expression or application of human creative …

  6. TimPeterson3

    Reacting to CT101 using NBA Gifs


    Going into this semester I only took up CT101 because it is required for Journalism majors. And I usually lack interest in courses outside of the core Journalism courses.

    So at first I was like:

    As the class started and we began the discussion of getting to know each others …

  7. TimPeterson3

    What Makes Me Happy


    As everyone knows yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and the New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13-3. But it is what happened off the field that made me happy. A man gathered a few homeless men in New York and invited them to a super bowl party at …

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