1. tjpeed

    Splash The Color – Fruit Roll-ups


    Earlier in the week I completed Splash The Color for Fruit Roll-up Friday, a promotion for Wagstaff Snack company. It was relatively easy seeing that I did it before. First I uploaded the picture to adobe photoshop and then magnetic lassoed the area I wanted to keep color. Once that …

  2. tjpeed

    Splash of Color – Tutorial


    This tutorial will show you a quick and easy way to complete the color splash visual assignment.

    Choose the image you want to color splash. I chose this one.

    2.  The open the picture in the  Adobe photo shop


    Click on the magnetic lasso tool on the left. It…
  3. tjpeed

    Inappropriate Laughter In Baltimore City


    For my final assignment of the week I decided to complete the mashup assignment Inappropriate Laughter. I used the scene from season 4 when Colvin takes Namond and 2 others to the Ruth’s Chris Steak House. It is an interesting scene from start to finish. In the beginning the kids …

  4. tjpeed

    NFL ESPN Fantasy Football Logo


    For the mashup assignment Twittr I had to take 2 of my favorite website logos and mash them together. It was relatively easy using photoshop. Currently my 2 favorite websites are NFL.com and ESPN Fantasy Football. I have been spending a lot of time on these websites because of the …

  5. tjpeed

    Wagstaff Snack Company Logo


    I slightly changed  the Website Logo assignment to make it a company logo. Wagstaff Snack Company needed a distinct logo for people to remember them by. Randy decided to take the Natty Boh logo and change it for his company. Being a Baltimore based company he wanted to keep the …

  6. tjpeed

    Wagstaff Snack Company Bumper Sticker


    Randy decided to try to a promotional event for the week after the break. Business is going well but he wants to keep expanding. He is money hungry and takes any opportunity he can to make some more of that green. Bumper sticker assignment is exactly what it sounds like. …

  7. tjpeed

    Wagstaff Snack Company


    For My Final Project I took on the character Randy Wagstaff. I decided to take on his snack business and help him market it and expand it. I have developed his social media accounts:

    Twitter: @WagstaffSnacks



    LinkedIn: Yes, middle schooler has a linkedin. The reason for …

  8. tjpeed

    Thankful Daily Create


    I have had this thought for a while but I have been so busy with school work that I haven’t put it up. So since it is the Holiday season lets all take a moment to show what we are thankful for. It could be serious or funny as long …

  9. tjpeed

    The Finish Line Is Getting Closer Week 11 & 12


    Well having 2 weeks to complete the assignments was nice. Even though I am finishing them at 11:30 pm on the last night I was able to take are of some other things I needed to get done.

    I completed a video discussion this week which was my second one …

  10. tjpeed

    Institutional Dysfunction in The Wire


    For my Video Essay I decided to focus on a specific theme that has been shown throughout all of the seasons thus far. The theme institutional dysfunction is one that is shown through many of the characters. From McNulty to the Mayor and even in the Barksdale Organization this theme …

  11. tjpeed

    My Acting Career Has Begun


    For the Swede a Scene assignment I worked with Syd and we redid the opening scene of Season 3 Episode 11. Thanks to my house mate for filming the scene it turned out pretty decent. I do not think I have any chance at an acting career but you never …

  12. tjpeed

    Pap Is My Special Person


    Another of the video assignments I decided to complete was one that I created. I decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by creating a video assignment for ds106 as well as completing it for my weekly assignments. I am naming this one Special Person Montage. Basically, you …

  13. tjpeed

    Season 4 Bleep Sesh


    I decided to complete the bleeping assignment during week 11/12. It was a fun assignment but took some patience and time to make it good. First I decided what scene to use. I used the opening scene from season 4 episode one. This was when Snoop went to the fake …

  14. tjpeed

    Please Rewind Your VHS Tape – Week 10


    Well just to start off my title is just a throwback memory to when I would go to Blockbuster and rent a VHS then would go to watch and and would have to wait for it to rewind. I hated that so much. Maybe that is why Blockbuster went out …

  15. tjpeed

    Take Me To Australia


    For the Where Do You Want To Go? assignment I created a video montage of pictures and video clips. I would love to go to Australia one day. After creating this assignment I decided to look into the cost of some of the things I would like to do if …

  16. tjpeed

    Omar The Chipmunk


    For this video assignment I completed Chipmunk Style. I accidentally used a scene from episode 11. I was just so into the show I just kept pushing next without realizing what I was watching. It was from the very beginning of the episode so it does not spoil anything big. …

  17. tjpeed

    Look, Listen, Analyze – Season 3 Episode 8


    While watching the beginning scene of Season 3 Episode 8 the camera work is very fast paced. Within the first minute there are multiple camera angle changes. The producer zoomed in on specific objects or actions and then would change the angle or the view to something else. One thing …

  18. tjpeed

    Fritz Lang’s M


    Fritz Lang’s masterpiece M was very interesting. When I first watched it I thought to myself “Is professor really having me watch something in German?” I was worried I would be too focused on trying to figure out what was going on and not look at the visual aspects. For …

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