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    Blog Post #9 on Syllabus


    Sorry–I should have checked the syllabus before I made any pronouncements about what is due.  Please do a short blog post #9 as a preparation for class discussion on trolls.

    Blog post #10 is your midterm reflection.

    Feel free to email me with any questions :)


  2. travisj

    More links/information from today


    Hi Everyone,

    Here are some links that Professor Shaughnessy shared:

    Digital Assets: https://campusguides.stjohns.edu/OpenAssets

     Citing images: http://campusguides.stjohns.edu/DigitalImages/citingimages

     Changing GoogleScholar Settings: http://campusguides.stjohns.edu/GoogSchol/googscholprefs

     Browser add-on to find free versions of articles:  http://unpaywall.org/

    Stay safe and warm tomorrow!  See you on Thursday…



  3. travisj

    Presentations begin Monday


    Please email me with any questions or concerns.

    I will be on campus Thursday, May 3rd (projects are due May 4th), if you would like to meet with me.  We will not meet for a formal final exam.  May 4th will be our final meeting day, if you would like …

  4. travisj

    Twitterature and Crowdsourced materials


    Looking forward to your finds and our discussion on Monday!  Don’t forget there is a lot of crowdsourced material in our syllabus (scroll down).  We’ll be signing up for presentations on Monday as well.  See you then!…

  5. travisj

    Due dates:


    Just a reminder:

    Send me any additional links for our crowdsourced week.

    Sign up for presentations will be on April 16th, Monday’s class.

    Final unessays are due on May 4th (Friday).  Please send me a link to your project.  Please don’t be late with this since I am on a …

  6. travisj

    Have a great break!


    Send any links for our crowdsourced week.   Email with any questions about the final project.

    See you on April 5th (Thursday)!…

  7. travisj



    Crowdsourced selections (what do YOU think we should talk about and read in class?) due tomorrow.

    Read handout on multimodal projects.

    See you tomorrow!


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  8. travisj

    2 articles and a video for tomorrow!


    Please take time to read–the articles can’t be read quickly before class; they are scholarly criticism and employ some challenging concepts.

    If you missed class, I left a folder outside my office with copies of the two articles.  You can pick them up in SJH B40-1.

    The video/talk by Nakamura …

  9. travisj

    No Class Today!


    We have a disaster area in CT; no power and downed trees everywhere!

    Please finish The Circle for Monday.  Sparkers on The Circle will spark on Monday.

    Please also complete your blog post “Midterm Reflection.”

    I will be online when I am able (at Starbucks right now for the wifi …

  10. travisj

    The Circle


    Please read 1-159 over the weekend (approximately–page #s will be different depending on edition…

    160 (or so) to start of Book II for Thursday

    Finish for the next Monday (3/12)

    Have a great weekend!


  11. travisj

    I may be a few minutes late tomorrow…


    I hope everyone had a great spring break!

    I have a meeting tomorrow morning that ends at 12:15 (in DAC), so I may be a few minutes late.

    Please look through the list of digital archives (and your blog posts on the sites).  We’ll start with our spark, a look …

  12. travisj

    First Blog Post Due Tomorrow


    Here is the controversy over Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” (appeal pending in the courts): Plagiarism Suit

    Watch the other videos and read the materials linked and in hard copy.  We’ll can view the link above if we have time tomorrow (no need to view in advance)…

    See you then!…

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