1. @Unevoie

    Digital Story Critique: 10 Unbelievable Future Technologies


    This week, I’m looking at a video from NatGeo Times called “10 Unbelievable Future Technologies That Will Change The World In Your Lifetime.” This video quickly outlines ten “in progress” technologies that the producers see as having a large impact on the world.

    It’s just under ten minutes long, if …

  2. @Unevoie

    Mashup Assignment: Pokemon Put Criminals in the Pokey


    This week we got to choose our type of assignment. I start out wanting to try something that involved a little writing. Then I started seeing Twitter conversations about the unexpected gameplay experiences that had cropped up after the launch of Pokemon GO. My mind kept coming back to this …

  3. @Unevoie

    Design Creation: Put a Rhino on It!


    This week we were asked to complete a project from the DS106 Design Assignment bank. I spent a lot of time looking through these assignments (I even started last week), and really had trouble finding one that spoke to me in the right way – the right way being that …

  4. @Unevoie

    Reflective Summary: Anchors Aweigh!


    There’s always a bit of adjustment to be done (I long to one day be organized enough to actually plan out a week properly in advance), but I’m pretty pleased with my first week as part of ILT5340 and DS106.

    There were whirlwinds involved – I wasn’t as prepared as …

  5. @Unevoie

    Threading the Needle with ILT5340 and DS106


    For me, starting a new project feels a lot like that moment when you have the needle and thread in hand: you know what your general goal is, you have the tools to get it started, and now all you have to do is get that slender thread through an …

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