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    Sad To See You Go / Wahida Chowdhury


    Hey again!

    Wow, this semester was WILD. I had a lot of fun in CT101 and learned a lot of new things from this class. The best part of this class is seeing how amazing all of this mundane way of communication is truly amazing. Like I never think about …

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    Might Go Insane From Quarantine


    I really didn’t think the week of March 9th would end the way it did with the in-campus classes being canceled for the rest of this semester. The whole pandemic suddenly became so severe when CUNY announced that. I wasn’t panicking but the stress of it kept building up until …

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    Panorama Bloopers


    So when I saw the Panorama assignment the first time, I got some simple ideas that I really wanted to do. But I needed someone to be my model for the idea. Low and behold, the beautiful rebecca26 appeared before me like a majestic angel and agreed to help me …

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    Panorama Drama


    So let me tell you, this assignment was so much fun it had my heart beating fast all day and got me hyperactive until I passed out from a migraine. It was a really fun assignment. Running around up and down and all over the campus was really fun. Even …

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    cuny on corona virus


    Hey guys,

    I’m sure everyone knows this by now but I’m just sharing just in case.

    All the classes on campus have moved online. for the rest of the semester. So keep an eye on your yorkmails and emails and blackboard for class stuff.

    I know there will be no …

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    Flexibility in DS projects


    So like it took a lot for me to finally convince myself to sit down and take a look at this assignment. After looking at how other students did it, it made me understand the assignment better. So let’s do this.

    So I started looking through the DS106 repository (I …

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    The Art of Memeing


    So let me tell you why Memes are definitely a type of art.

    first of all, you can use memes to express yourself just like people do with paintings and writings.

    Memes are like collages, you put different already existing sources together, put some text over it and voila! it’s …

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    Assignment #2- GIFs Are My Only Emotions


    The internet is amazing and all, but the best part of the internet is expressing my emotions with anime/cartoon gifs.

    Like if I am excited about something, I’ll text my friends:

    When I love something or see something I like:

    When I feel smug or teasing my friends:

    When they …

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    Assignment #1 – The Internet Is Fun


    Hi hi hello there!

    My name is Wahida Chowdhury, I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in studio arts. Although I am bad at both of the subjects I’m studying I still try my best to stick around and finish my bachelor’s. Right now I’m a junior so I’m almost …

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