1. @WalrusQueenAbby

    Week Two: Check.


    Wow, this week was intense, and I only see it getting harder from here. I spent a good portion of this week trying to just make last weeks additions fit in better, I re-titled things, organized them better, and made sure things were all going smoothly. I feel that this …

  2. @WalrusQueenAbby

    Trampled by Turtles


    For this GIF assignment I was to make a GIF with one of my favorite musicians. I have no idea how to embed that onto here, so you can find the GIF I made here.

    The assignment link is here


    Google how to make a GIF because the…
  3. @WalrusQueenAbby

    My Photosplosion

    Metaphor I felt like this was a metaphor, it says "FULL ON" and that is taking up all of the space on the sign. Form/function/message I had to take a picture of this, I found it perfect while trying to display what the product is, while also making it fun…
  4. @WalrusQueenAbby

    Looking awfully tusk-y today


    For this assignment I was to design my own tshirt. Since I love walruses so much, the choice was simple! I loved the color of the walrus painting I found and decided that if I were to make a shirt I would probably want that on it, with just a …

  5. @WalrusQueenAbby

    Such a Lovely Place, Such a Lovely Face


    For this assignment the directions were to take a picture of a 70’s rock band, take a quote from a different 70’s rock band, state that the quote was from yet another different 70’s rock band, and then create a picture displaying it. For mine I took a picture of …

  6. @WalrusQueenAbby

    Just Keep Swimming!


    For this assignment I was to make a venn diagram related to something in current pop culture, so I figured why not use characters from the newest follow up to Finding Nemo. I saw Finding Dory a few weeks ago and it was amazing, it made me cry, and it …

  7. @WalrusQueenAbby



    For this design assignment I was required to take a quote from a movie and overlay it onto a picture from the movie. I decided to do Harry Potter, mostly because the books and movies are the most inspirational and meaningful ones I have ever come across. The quote I …

  8. @WalrusQueenAbby

    Vignelli Cannon(ball)


    I found that the Vignelli Canon was a very interesting read, the only problem being that I don’t have an extreme interest in how things are presented. Yeah, I can appreciate when things look good, and I enjoy the style and colors, and I can sit back and see how …

  9. @WalrusQueenAbby

    Spubble Me


    This was a fun one. I took a picture that I’ve had of myself since I was a teenager (I’m 24 now), I took a trip to Disneyworld when I was 15, and celebrated my 16th birthday on a Disney cruise with my (then) best friend, and our moms. I …

  10. @WalrusQueenAbby

    Smooth as Silk


    This visual assignment really caught my eye. I love patterns and repetition, but I also love colors and chaos. This program, WeaveSilk, is amazingly beautiful. You create your own mixture of colors and patterns to create something truly you. Any type of program that can make me feel completely …

  11. @WalrusQueenAbby

    Hawkeye…My Superhero


    Hawkeye is my favorite person (dog) to spend time with. He is my 5.5 year old Treeing Walker Hound. He weighs a hefty 65lbs, and as you can see from the collage, he LOVES to sleep. This is my second visual assignment of the week, and I’m feeling really stressed …

  12. @WalrusQueenAbby

    Can You See What I See?


    Well, this was an interesting visual assignment. With the requirement being, take an eye (this is my eye), and overlay something into it like a reflection, as well as no background in photo editing, I think I did a fairly decent job. I got my eye on some pizza, and …

  13. @WalrusQueenAbby

    My Photoblitz Experience:


    First off, I chose to do this in my house, because it’s been nasty and rainy, and I didn’t think I wanted to take a picture of someone else’s feet in public. So I improvised. The experience was overall kind of stressful, I felt panicked trying to figure out what …

  14. @WalrusQueenAbby

    Example Blog Post


    This is a blog post. Blog posts can be journal entries, reflections, a piece feature piece, a short argumentative piece, an analysis, a small photo gallery, and much more. Blog posts by default can be categorized and tagged, meaning they can have taxonomy assigned to them. Using categories and tags …

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