1. @WalrusQueenAbby

    Week Two: Check.


    Wow, this week was intense, and I only see it getting harder from here. I spent a good portion of this week trying to just make last weeks additions fit in better, I re-titled things, organized them better, and made sure things were all going smoothly. I feel that this …

  2. @WalrusQueenAbby

    Trampled by Turtles


    For this GIF assignment I was to make a GIF with one of my favorite musicians. I have no idea how to embed that onto here, so you can find the GIF I made here.

    The assignment link is here


    Google how to make a GIF because the…
  3. @WalrusQueenAbby

    My Photosplosion

    Metaphor I felt like this was a metaphor, it says "FULL ON" and that is taking up all of the space on the sign. Form/function/message I had to take a picture of this, I found it perfect while trying to display what the product is, while also making it fun…
  4. @WalrusQueenAbby

    Looking awfully tusk-y today


    For this assignment I was to design my own tshirt. Since I love walruses so much, the choice was simple! I loved the color of the walrus painting I found and decided that if I were to make a shirt I would probably want that on it, with just a …

  5. @WalrusQueenAbby

    Such a Lovely Place, Such a Lovely Face


    For this assignment the directions were to take a picture of a 70’s rock band, take a quote from a different 70’s rock band, state that the quote was from yet another different 70’s rock band, and then create a picture displaying it. For mine I took a picture of …

  6. @WalrusQueenAbby

    Just Keep Swimming!


    For this assignment I was to make a venn diagram related to something in current pop culture, so I figured why not use characters from the newest follow up to Finding Nemo. I saw Finding Dory a few weeks ago and it was amazing, it made me cry, and it …

  7. @WalrusQueenAbby



    For this design assignment I was required to take a quote from a movie and overlay it onto a picture from the movie. I decided to do Harry Potter, mostly because the books and movies are the most inspirational and meaningful ones I have ever come across. The quote I …

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