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  1. Watkins

    Ends are beginnings. Goodbye DS106, hello DS106 4life

    This week I created Miss Irene Agatha Flemming, a graduating High School senior.  On her Tumblr blog, Textile Quest, Irene shares her pastime investigation into fashion design and the results of her college applications as they come.  Of course, the posts are reverse-chronological, so the most recent uploads are at the top.  Unlike a story ...
  2. Watkins

    Chain of Fools

    So I spent my two weeks of remix immersing myself in the culture and Cory Doctorow’s novels in my self-allotted DS106-homework time, and not making very much work. I learned a great deal about piracy and copyright (and -left) however. So though I repremand myself for not completing assignments by the assigned date, I relish ...
  3. Watkins

    The Legend of Sharing

    Sharing has two faces. Oftentimes sharing feels like giving away something of value to mute consumers. On the flip side, being the recipient of sharing is an incredible experience. It makes me incredulous and grateful, knowing how sharing can feel like throwing hard work over a cliff – and I make an endeavor to express ...
  4. Watkins

    Irene’s Sewing Adventure

    For the final project, I want to take on the persona of a high-school age sewing blogger. In a new segment of my website, separate and differently designed, Irene will share her sewing adventures. In some ways this will be autobiographical, but with creative liberties.  The character’s website will be as if she is representing ...
  5. Watkins

    The Joy of Tutorials with Bob Watkins

    Thursday there was a ray of hope: Finally, today I have some hope for this week! I have a tremendous amount of work due on Friday and Sunday afternoon, but because my test went well this morning, I think I can get everything done. Of great assistance was @Cogdog (my professor). I’d nearly given up, ...
  6. Watkins

    Are you a Touch Typist?

    Do you enjoy Touch Typing? Are you frustrated with the lack of accuracy presented by your on-screen “smart”-phone keyboard? Is your laptop’s weight preventing you from typing notes when you need to? There’s an elegant solution, one I happily use every day! The Spider Bluetooth Keyboard! I think this is the first and worst of ...
  7. Watkins


    Growing up, one of my favorite fairy tales was Beauty and the Beast.  When one of the possible assignments for the week was a story told through flashcards, I immediately thought of the Beast hand puppet I made earlier in the semester for my Puppetry: Craft and Construction class.  As I’m not a very proficient ...
  8. Watkins

    How to Share Fairly

    This is the longest movie I made this week. It takes a while to make good tasty cookies! I wanted to make a video that summarized this labor of love as succinctly as possible. My goal was to make it about 5 minutes and it ended up about 7 minutes long. I did my best ...
  9. Watkins

    Morning Glory!

    Yes, I intentionally recorded the audio before I’d had my morning’s coffee. I thought it would make the passion more acute, if I were longing for it as I talked on the subject. I filmed most of the footage on my iPhone camera, using the stand seen in my film about the Spider bluetooth keyboard, ...
  10. Watkins

    Common Bad Habit is My Virtue

    I could wax eloquently about handwriting for hours, so it was a bit of a challenge to condense my enthusiasm on the subject to the most helpful tips. Since working on the Digital Dynamite radio show and talking about my passion for writing by hand, I’ve wanted to make a short video showcasing my passion ...
  11. Watkins

    Trash to Treasure: sculpture style

    The most difficult part of making this time-lapse movie was making it interesting. It’s a video of a steaming pile of lint, for goodness’ sake. The original video was more than an hour long. I had to import it into iMovie, speed it up 800% then export it, so that I could import it again ...
  12. Watkins

    This Week on Video Street

    To start the day off, I did a couple of written Daily Creates, and much to my delight, discovered a new joy. I then turned to the intriguing issue of analyzing a segment’s structure, discovering the legendary power that is Cowboy Bebop. After several hours of poring over an 8-minute video, in a short verse, ...
  13. Watkins

    Promotion Value: YouTube

    For the exercise “What are the Genres of YouTube” instead of focusing on the funny vids or memes that were mentioned in many of the other created categories such as WTF?, Pranks, and Animals doing human things, I wanted to draw attention to the practical aspect of YouTube. Many creators using Kickstarter also post their ...
  14. Watkins

    A Summary of Accessible Tools

    For the making of video, I have at my disposal a variety of … um,… stuff. There’s MPEG Streamclip, I’ve used once or twice. I have Quicktime, which isn’t very nice. In addition iMovie I’ve used; but in the end, I was abused. If you ask: “At the mention of video, why palm your face?” ...
  15. Watkins

    More Cowboy Bebop

    The scene I previously analyzed was from Episode 5 of Cowboy Bebop entitled Ballad of Fallen Angels. The main named characters were Spike and Vicious. The scene suggested they had a history, and a falling out. It also suggested that the moderately-clad woman and gruff bonsai-tending man were also primary characters in the show. Firstly, ...
  16. Watkins

    Peering, Feeling, Elucidating

    Having outlined the coursework for this week already in the hope of getting it completed efficiently, I knew to be careful in the clip I chose for the “Look, Listen, Analyze” threefold examination of a film clip, as the source film would be the subject of the subsequent “Exploring the Movie Even More” exercise. I ...
  17. Watkins

    Get the Gooey Juices Flowing

    I’ve found that I love writing!~ and it’s mostly thanks to DS106 blogging. Previously I’d associated writing with private journaling (which only ever made sense to me, as it was abbreviated mental note taking) and research and/or persuasive papers for school. Two very disparate and separately unrewarding areas. Blogging brings them together in a synthesis ...
  18. Watkins

    Sunday Date (I Loved Our Evening Together)

    You were so beautiful Your streaming red-gold hair the scent of you still lingers in the clothes I wear you leaned against me fingers wound so tight our laughter warmed the night f-all-ing yes, night was fa-a-al-ing Too soon came the time To Walk You Home. I loved our evening together Even more than the ...
  19. Watkins

    Closer than you Realize

    Have you ever felt ill at ease in a new situation? Gone somewhere you’ve never been, and felt out of place? Have you ever visited another country, or even another state? If you answered Yes to any of the above questions I have important news for you. You are or have been an ALIEN. Do ...
  20. Watkins

    The Dreary Dreadful week of Doom

    Did you know that in the third Harry Potter movie there is a shot of the Maurader’s Map that includes a circular room with the inscription “Room of Doom”? Waking up at 4 means that I’m sleepy at or before dinner time, so I’ve been drifting off or watching with one eye the movies over ...
  21. Watkins

    Wikipedia WayBack

    When presented with the possibility of looking back in time at the internet, I was immediately curious about my favorite encyclopedia, Wikipedia.  It’s been around for more than a decade now.  In high school it was derided by teachers as inaccurate, due to its crowd-edit nature. “See here,” they’d say, “I’ve edited this page with ...
  22. Watkins

    Digital DINO-myte*! ka-BOOM!

    *No dinos were harmed in the making of this radio show* I wasn’t always happy to be a part of the radio show group “Digital Dynamite” but I’m mostly proud of the result: a funny, engaging, 5-star show. Amber May did an incredible job editing. I’m SO glad that I landed in a group with ...
  23. Watkins

    It’s the little things in life…

    I love to have elegant solutions to the little problems in life.  For instance, when I couldn’t find a small bag that could easily handle carrying a wallet, notebook, and various small items in a durable and organized manner, my solution was to crochet one.  However much I’d like to, I can’t make solutions to ...
  24. Watkins

    These weeks have passed too fast

      Not only has my computer outright refused to connect to the internet most of the time, but I was sick over break.  I’m still hoarse, partly.  Being hoarse made most of the recording difficult, as did the internet problems.  Next morning, I may be able to upload things to SoundCloud, because for some reason, UMWSecured is more ...
  25. Watkins

    Dear Konrad

    Dear Konrad, We’ve been partners for a year: I’ve never thanked you for your love and support.  You tolerate me and are privy to my most personal thoughts even though I treat you as a tool.  I only take care of you when you run dry, giving you fuel, like coffee, so that you may ...
  26. Watkins

    Being an Adult. Week 6 Wrap-up.

    Waking up at precisely 9:30 on a Sunday morning without an alarm: I feel that I’ve transitioned into adulthood. No more college late-night/late-mornings for this hardworking student. In two days I’ll be handing over 1K of money earned with part-time jobs this semester and signing an apartment lease. My soon-to-be housemates will be having a ...
  27. Watkins

    Traditional Watkins Pastry

    If I were a pastry, I’d be too sweet to eat, and so cute it would be hard not to take a nibble. Rich, dark chocolate ice cream oozes into your mouth as you bite into a white fluffy clear-glazed doughnut. A dollop of swirled maple-flavored whipped cream sits atop your Watkins and will always ...
  28. Watkins

    Fairy Tale Moment

    This thing is elegant, its’s sweet. rad, and a little small for my fingers. But it’s so sweet to be able to type anywhere!!! I feel so cool! This takes up less space than a netbook, and weighs only a few extra ounces more than what I usually carry. I already carry my phone around. ...
  29. Watkins

    The worms died. Week 5 wrap up.

    The worms died from lack of air. The whole moldy box was a health hazard anyway. I felt bad for a few days after wrapping the box in plastic and tossing it in the dumpster. The worms weren’t very lovable pets anyway, I had to remind myself – they were bait worms to begin with. ...

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