1. Zarar Ahmed

    A Final Post Describing How Amazing DS106 Is!


    So I decided to take this class in the summer session to fulfill my ALPP Gen Ed requirement. I had never heard of this class before and quite frankly had no idea what to expect. I couldnt get in touch with anyone who had taken it before, and hadn’t a …

  2. Zarar Ahmed

    I Present to you…


    ….. my final DS106 video project.

    I had previously decided to do the Movie Trailer Mashup, but the idea of putting together scenes from a series of the same movie intrigued me even more. So what I’ve done is taken the 5 trailers of the Final Destinations movies, took scenes …

  3. Zarar Ahmed

    America…. God Or No God?


    So for perhaps the final This American Life we listen and respond to for DS106, I listened to the hour long show on Godless America, a thoughtful and entertaining segment, but unlike the others we have listened to so far in class. The show gave a closer look to the …

  4. Zarar Ahmed

    After Much Ado…


    So after thought, since this is the final project after all, I decided to do the Movie Trailer Mashup for the Video Storytelling Assignment. Yes, this is gonna be difficult and challenging, but I wanted to tackle something tough as I exit this course, and hopefully it can turn out …

  5. Zarar Ahmed

    Web Story: Twist off of Textfromlastnight


    After much trouble and problems, I finally finished my web story. I manipulated the website textsfromlastnight.com, and changed the theme of the texts to “Texts from the nursing home”, basically showing funny texts that senior citizens would omit, instead of the usual college student and young adults who appear on …

  6. Zarar Ahmed

    Switched At Birth, another TAL exclusive…


    Well before I started to listen to this 4th episode of This American Life, the preview and title just seemed enticing and very interesting. “On a summer day in 1951, two baby girls were born in a hospital in small-town Wisconsin. The infants were accidentally switched, and went home with …

  7. Zarar Ahmed

    Third Time’s…. not a charm…


    Well, lets just say this was my least favorite of the three This American Life episodes I have heard so far. Just unusual and weird stories seemed to be my thoughts as I listened to the 59 minutes of audio of this one, perhaps expecting more because of the complexity …

  8. Zarar Ahmed

    A Rainy Day at the Ballgame


    So this was my quick, all-sound-effect story that got me started working with Audacity. It was tough putting it together at first, but became easier as I got the hang of it. Still have to play around with the editing tools though….

    So the story portrayed here is of a …

  9. Zarar Ahmed

    Cast Away


    So this happened to be my third project, and I decided to do the Four Icon visual project. Simple enough, you had to simplify a movie of your choice into four icons/clipart that could define or symbolize in as many choices. I chose to do the famous Tom Hanks movie …

  10. Zarar Ahmed

    I Swear You Two Look Alike…


    For the final project, I wanted to complete something that has always been an interest of mine and that fascinates me: when people tend to have doppelgangers, or celeb look-alikes. When I saw the option of completing that as a project, I took the chances and pulled the trigger. My …

  11. Zarar Ahmed

    The American Life: Cruelty of Children


    So after our first listen to the series “This American Life” which dealt with the college lifestyle and Penn State as a party school, the second episode I listened to was quite different, and interesting to say the least.  It dealt with the object and base of power in the …

  12. Zarar Ahmed

    The Big Caption


    The second of my projects for the week, this one took some thought and time, but I thought it was painless and fun at the same time. Enjoy.

  13. Zarar Ahmed

    On This Day


    This is my first project, completed. I basically created a google-esque version of my name and played with gif and jpeg images to associate an event that happened on my birthday, July 28, in history with the name. Here it is, lemme know what you guys think!

  14. Zarar Ahmed

    Preparing myself for a tech-filled week…


    It’s always kind of hard choosing a selective amount of projects or anything out of a larger collective bunch, but after some further deliberation and decision-making, I decided the 4 projects I would like to work on this upcoming week in DS106:

    1.     On This Day: This design project was …

  15. Zarar Ahmed

    Whattup DS106!


    Three days into class, and its been up and down, with blogs not working, my laptop hasnt been able to connect with the university’s internet, yet gotta stay optimistic. I’ve definitely learned some things, and at least know now of the struggles of web domaining and hosting services, and can …

  16. Zarar Ahmed

    Hello world!


    Welcome to UMW Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! If you need some help getting started with UMW Blogs please refer to the support documentation here. …

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