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  1. @jwcpsc

    Audio Assignment: Make Your Own Radio Commercial

    I kind of remixed this assignment into fitting to our radio show assignment. Instead of advertising a product I wanted to create a radio commercial that related to the theme of our radio show. I decided to create a commercial that had a person stepping away from their phone and outside where they interacted with …
  2. @jwcpsc

    Audio Assignments: Sound Effects Story/ Transition

    I decided to remake my sound effects story assignment but fit it for our radio show. This time I tried to portray how people basically live their life on social media to the point where it’s overwhelming. I used several notification sounds and speed them up to show how some people invest their whole life …
  3. @jwcpsc

    Audio Assignment: Create A Place

    This assignment doesn’t have anything to do with our radio show but I still wanted to do it because it looked fun. I tried to create New York City as that’s my favorite place I’ve been too so far. I used the sounds of cars driving, people honking (of course), and even added a background …

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