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  1. pransy

    Single Girls Guide To Dealing With Loneliness

    Single women of a certain age often face societal pressure to get married, resulting in loneliness. Some tips to manage these feelings include calling a loved one, crying, drinking something calming, getting good sleep, exercising, picking up a hobby, and self-improvement.
  2. pransy

    Stay Stylish and Warm This Winter: The Ultimate Wardrobe Essentials for Single Women

    The cold winter months are here, but that doesn’t mean your style has to suffer. As a single woman, looking and feeling your best is important no matter the season. This winter, be prepared by stocking your closet with key wardrobe essentials that will keep you looking fashionable and feeling cozy when temperatures drop. In […]
  3. pransy

    Easy Healthy Microwave Spinach Tofu curry – Vegan

    This is a recipe for spinach tofu. It involves blanching and microwaving spinach leaves, blending them with finely chopped onions, green chili, and ginger-garlic paste. This mixture is combined with spices and tomato puree, then further microwaved. Finally, tofu cubes, salt, and dried mint are added before a final round of microwaving.

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