Dr. Oblivion Wants You!!

Interested in taking the 5-week intensive version of Digital storytelling this Summer? We are running a course from June 20th through July 21st. You can take a look at the syllabus for the course here. The course calendar is also available here, but keep in mind that I still have some work to do on this before the course starts on the 20th.

Given the course is going to move at such a rapid pace, there are a number of things listed below you want to be sure to do before the course actually starts on June 20th. Note that I will be available for help on any and all of these points. You can get immediate support from me on email (jimgroom_at_gmail.com), or even better via Twitter (which you will be required to use during this course). My twitter handle is jimgroom.

Still interested? Add your name, blog URL (assuming you have one) and email to the form below…

A few things to help you get started….

  • First, you will need to setup up a Twitter account if you don’t have one already (http://twitter.com). After that, I need you to tweet me (@jimgroom) that you are part of the ds106 Summer of Oblivion—use the hashtag #ds106 for this tweet. If you don’t know what a Twitter hashtag does, look it up on Google.
  • You will also need to signup for a web host and domain (optional for open, online students not registered at UMW). This is a bit more complex (but just a bit) than the previous two, so there is a tutorial here for this process. Please feel free to ask me questions should you run into any problems.
  • Once you have the web host and domain all set, you will need to install your own WordPress blog. You an find a tutorial for this here. (optional for open, online students not registered at UMW)

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