1. @shealanclark

    The real lab 9



    To create a web server with XAMPP and an FTP server.


    XAMPP, Brackets

    Notes and Observations

    We downloaded XAMPP and set up the web server. We each then created our own basic website and visited each others websites. All of this was fairly simple since I have recent …

  2. @shealanclark

    Lab 7



    To create 2 networks using the lab computers and connect them with a router.


    lab computers, router, ethernet

    Notes and Observations

    We had to learn how to disconnect from the school network, create a new IP address and see if our computers could talk to the computers on …

KSU Digital Literacy (Fall 2019)

KSU Digital Literacy Fall 2019 witl Bill Genereux

A collaborative online course for developing a broad range of digital media skills to be used for telling stories including websites, photography, graphic design, audio, video, code, and mashups.

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