1. dori0813

    12/21: Final Project Reflection


    Storytelling to me means , the ability of having a different way of expressing their way of narrating a story. I found this class very interesting because we werent told what to do, and had to become responsible for our own assignments , its very cool because it was kind …

  2. dori0813

    My Final Project


    I decided to combine both videos together and finally finished it , i hope you guys enjoy . I really tried my best.


  3. dori0813

    Plan of my final project


    For my final project i would like to focus on combining two of my favorite movies into a short 3 minute video, my plan is to super cut it and try to combine both a make a story from clips of both movies.…

  4. Dametra Lester

    Remix 4: Show Me Therefore Teach Me


    For the Remix 4 assignment I decided to choose the How To Tutorial. I have never made a tutorial or  a video and broadcasting it to the world. So I thought it would be a good opportunity to explore. At least  I know the process of how to record, edit,…
  5. dori0813

    12/3 Week Fourteen: Archiving and Final Projects


    After watching the post by Jim Groom again i understand more that people are losing the essence of the use of tools for the internet because it seems to plain and its best if a story or situation is best described with narration, it makes me want to become more …

  6. tabitha.roper

    Remix #4: Video – The Power of 1


    For the 4th and final Remix Project, I chose the option of the Movies by Numbers. I was torn between doing Number 1 and going with an individual/alone/single mixed with a winners/best/first theme, or doing Number 13 and going with unlucky/creepy. I chose Number 1 because I am very competitive …

  7. Ashley McFarlan

    Movie Scenes That Changed Your Life


    For my fourth and final Remix project I decided to select the assignment Movie Scenes That Changed Your Life. We were to select 3-5 Movie scenes that had a significant impact on your life. I decided to select a scene from Antwone Fisher, a scene from Love and Basketball

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#tdc2164 Household Chore Metaphor

Imagine yourself doing any household task/chore, then write a poem using what you’ve imagined as an extended metaphor for your life.

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