1. mblack

    Digital Tools: Timeline & Map


    Story Map


    These tools bring back memories from past digital courses like DS106 and Intro to Digital Studies. It was cool getting familiar with them again, but I was a bit disappointed that I could not embed my work on my blog (I even installed the iframe plugin). Other …

  2. mblack

    Digital Tools & Website Feedback


    Between these three platforms, I am more familiar with WordPress and it’s capabilities. Whether it’s used as a blog or a full blown website, you have the ability to customize to your liking and add various media content with ease. Zotero is new to me, and other than managing online …

  3. mblack

    Intro (Digital History)


    I signed up for this class to meet the capstone requirement for my Communication/Digital Studies major. After reading a brief introduction about the course last semester, it became more appealing. To be honest, History was never my favorite subject in grade school, but I look forward to learning more about …

  4. mblack

    Reflecting on The Peripheral


    After reading William Gibson’s crazy, futuristic, sci-fi novel, The Peripheral, it reminded me that there is no guarantee what the future holds or the direction it’s headed in. I think it’s highly important that we educate ourselves as much as possible and spread that information along to others who will …

  5. kaileyck

    Finishing up…


    So, I must be honest: I stopped doing blog posts for my individual study. The semester and job hunting just got too busy, but rest assured–I did continue reading great social media material!

    I finished my thesis (it’s around 20 pages) and gave a presentation at UMW’s Kemp Symposium, and …

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  1. Week 15 & Finals

    Final Story Project Specs


    As a final project for ds106, you are asked to produce a story around a character that explores at least three of the media forms we’ve investigated this semester: visual/design, audio, video, web, remix/mashup (Please note that for this project we’re combining visual and design …

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Todays TDC

#tdc2049 Stereogranimator time at the museum!

Today we get to ‘create and share 3D images from the stereograph collections of The New York Public Library (and others)’ with their very own animator: The Stereogranimator!