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I’m looking forward to tapping into the energies of the DS106 MOOC for some learning inspiration, time to reflect, and chance to make some stuff. In thinking about a first post, I started looking for an audio recording of some banjo picking from a number of months ago. My Dad lent me his about a year ago to me in my attempt to stretch my mind a little and to keep up with my seven year old daughter Luci, who has been learning the fiddle for about a year now.  I couldn’t find the recording and I haven’t picked up the banjo in a long while. It sits in the corner behind my daughter’s music stand as a reminder of all that I have yet to learn.

gif animator
Gif animator

What I did find was a few unmarked recordings. I opened and started listening to one from March 8, 2007 at 6:35pm.  It was bedtime. Luci was three and half. I wouldn’t have remembered this if I hadn’t recorded it, and surely not if I hadn’t been on a search for something to write about. Listening to her tiny voice made me smile. She’s not reading the words. I must have been turning pages. She was reading the pictures. Here’s a bit of Luci’s take on Seuss from the itunes dustbin.

I love how there was excitement about getting started, a little self doubt about being able to finish in the middle, a call for help towards the three quarter mark, and in the end we make it.




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