Is that a bag of gold Gardner? Why yes Jimi, yes it is.

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My first attempt at what seems like it will be a common experiment in this experimental class: the mashup. According to wikipedia, I’ve created a new derivative work. After watching the Gardner Campbell video, the image that most stuck in my head was of Jimi Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock. Jimi, probably like no one before him, knew how to control feedback. An important part of ds106 will be learning how to generate and control feedback. Using Hendrix was a great image and something that probably stuck out to anyone who knew the connection between Jimi and feedback.

I really like what Gardner had to say. It’s important to realize that the technology we already have can really kick-start our somewhat antiquated education processes. I believe most of the “Edtech” community will agree with me and that most of them are partaking in ds106. Am I right?

thanks to cogdogblog for the Gardner photo. in this class?

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