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Final Project Thingz

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Okay, sooo Monday night before 12pm you get to hear my friends telling stories and me laughing like a hyperventilating¬†lemur¬†in the background. Seriously though, audio has taught me that my laugh is super obnoxious. I’m currently working on a fix for my voice box….

Me livetweeting things! Why am I subjecting you to this? I’m going crazy. Recently my mind had been running in unproductive, redundant circles. So, I’ve decided to become more active…. in everything. The less time I have to sit around and be tired, the more time I have to be crazy and unproductive (I despise inefficacy). If you’re my mom (probably the only person who consistently reads this), then you’re probably wondering… What happened to the daily shoot? Like I said, mom, I’m going crazy and I’m too busy to think about anything but the task at hand. In short, I’m too busy having anxiety attacks about classes for my majors to look at my surroundings. Also, my surroundings are lame. I pretty much travel between Seaco, Trinkle, the library, and Bushnell. So, I’ve decided to just grow a technological limb. NBD. You see, tweeting is just the natural technological extension of my being. Below is the schedule for my livetweeting crazy madness…

Saturday April 2nd:
Tour of the Senate (yay, politics)
NATs Game!!!!!!!!!!!! (get jealous grandma)

Sunday April 3rd:
Rapids training (I don’t think I’m gonna be tweeting about this…)

April 8th-10th:
Young Dems Convention in Williamsburg (I don’t know what the schedule is yet)

April 15th-17th:
Powershift in DC (don’t know that schedule yet, either)

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