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Final Part 2

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This past Saturday the UMW Women’s Rugby Team played Georgetown.  I was sick and unable to play, but I did get to take some great shots of my teammates kicking butt on the pitch. This segment is about capturing the essence of a rugby game. If you’ve never played rugby before or the idea of tackling others is scary then you are missing out. What appears like pure savagery of flying limbs and bodies colliding is actually a well thought out and regularly rehearsed routine of movements designed to get maximum effect with minimum damage to other players. People often worry because rugby players do not wear padding (you may see several players wearing what looks like a cloth helmet. It is in fact a scrum cap and is designed to keep the ears of the wearer attached to the head during scrums-and thus the name), but the reality is that wearing anything other than appropriate playing attire is dangerous.  So without getting much more into detail….here are the moments in a rugby game. Enjoy! (Or cringe if you must.)


{Levels and Curves adjusted to allow for maximum definition and clarity} My team is in the gray jerseys. We perform something called a line-out. In line-outs we lift players so that they can catch a ball being throw in bounds. Kelsey (our jumper) always has this really intense face and manages to knock the ball out of the opposition’s hands. I’m so glad she’s
my team.


{Levels and Curves adjusted to allow for maximum definition and clarity}  I love this photo. I think I was able to capture this girl’s desperation and determination at the same time. My teammate that she is attempting to tackle is our smallest (and therefore most underestimated player). She may be under five feet in height, but you’ll pay for not taking her seriously.


{Levels and Curves adjusted to allow for maximum definition and clarity} I know when I play the game I am always worried that a pass will not make it to my teammate. I think you can see that worry here on Christie’s face as she watches it launch into the air. The pass was a good one.

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