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I am now in a love/hate relationship with Twitter, whereas previously I was what could best be described as “meh” about Twitter. My experience live tweeting handed me so much power and so little time to think, that I developed the most obnoxious tweeting style around. I give you the following tweet as an example of a tweet born of ego, no time, and a slowly developed annoyance with the VAYD’s:

“In the order of yays and nays [*profanity*]” <— That’s what he meant to say. #coughassholecough is what I meant to TREND. #DemsAwk

And here is where I tell you, I don’t speak for the UMW Democrats. Now, for some backstory… This past weekend, I went to the Virginia Young Democrats Convention. I definitely didn’t drink, leave anyone with the impression that UMW is a party school, or have ANY fun whatsoever. Why, you ask, would most VAYD’s be happy to hear this? Well, because they mean serious business (and I don’t mean in the sassy kinda way). To be perfectly honest, I get the VAYD’s desire to be taken seriously, and I understand that we have a great deal of opportunities to do good things for our respective communities. However, I really wish we could embrace the ‘Young’ part of our name. The VAYD convention could use some serious spicing up, and some serious effectiveness training. Fo realz, this convention was yikes. We sat in a tiered room at William & Mary (older Young Dems in the front), where we voted on a series of inconsequential amendments, several of which were a matter of semantics. Yes, the right wording can prevent manipulation of rules, but lets give the VAYD’s the benefit of the doubt and assume there aren’t any Republicans in the room #Burned Now, lets rewind a bit. See that tweet up there? That’s what I’m talking about. Does it really matter what order our votes are in? Does it really matter if we say “point of order” before we speak? The whole point of VAYD’s is to give us a voice, and it’s failing miserably. We’re emulating a Congress that doesn’t represent the fresh perspective of the VAYD’s. #PointMade #ExcusesForInnapropriateTweets


Live Tweeting Rewls Because:
– I paid more attention than I otherwise would have.
– It made something boring into something fun.
– Hashtagging is fun for the whole family

Live Tweeting Sux Because:
– I tended to remember only poignant one liners
– No one wants to tweet about boring, but important issues
– Hashtagging annoys a lot of people

Apparently this whole post makes it sound like I had no fun. Au contraire, I rebelled #TooMuchFun

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