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What does it mean to be “ordinary?”

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Today (and yesterday) has been all about taking the ordinary and flipping it on it’s head.

The dailyshoot assignment for today was to take something ordinary from a different angle.
My visual assignment that I chose to do was to take someone from ordinary to extraordinary.


But this juxtaposition got me thinking.  How do we really get to determine what is ordinary and what isn’t?

A classmate of mine Andrew Whitefield posted a peacock in his dailyshoot.  However, his context for the picture was that, by working in a zoo, he sees this everyday, so it becomes ordinary to him.
My dailyshoot is of my roommate leelzebub taking her own dailyshoot picture.  It’s a picture of someone taking a picture, basically.  However, I’m sure people that work in the photography business see this all of the time.  Maybe it’s not so extraordinary to them.

And for my visual assignment, I took my roommate and gussied her up to an extreme.  But I’m sure people in show business see things like that a lot.  Or drag queens maybe.  It would not be extraordinary for them.

What I’m really trying to get at is that what makes something ordinary or extraordinary is not set in stone, there is nothing extraordinary or ordinary about anything really.
What we perceive all depends on our experiences.

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