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We are all artists – my response

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Tim Owens is making awesome headway in ds106.

Tim, I also struggle(d) with computer science. Graphic design is the perfect middle ground!
Interesting response to the perception of art majors. People have a lot of misconceptions about art majors, so it’s exciting to hear about someone who isn’t typically “artsy” go on the path of an art major.

My major is English, with a minor in Computer Science. Perfect for this course. It expresses my creativity very well.
Creativity is not inherited.. the “creative” gene. That’s very very interesting to me. I was separated for being a “writer” when I was young, a reader.
So you’re saying ds106 is a training course? Interesting. What do we take then afterwards to perfect our training?

I agree that digital storytelling is definitely a pushing course. It pushes you to try things you never would have conceived.. but what does that do for you? Takes you out of your comfort zone I suppose.

Skinnier people are more creative? What? Haha. That’s odd. I wonder why that is.. I actually kind of agree with this which is weird. I feel like my brain juices flow better without all that food hindrance.

The biggest question about all of this that I have is what is the point of doing what we do? Are we doing it to explore the world? But why? Why do we need to use creative assignments to see things in new ways. I’m not sure. But I agree that it definitely does something.

I like that the concept I brought up on my blog came up. Ordinary to extraordinary. I think that idea is an important part of this course.

I feel like what this boils down to is simple. Digital storytelling forces you to perceive the world around you in different ways. Whether it be seeing the beauty in something ugly (or the reverse) or finding out new ways to navigate the world and your life in general, ds106 teaches us more than any typical course could ever do.

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