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Internet by hughes_tuj
Internet, a photo by hughes_tuj on Flickr.

One of our readings for class was The History of the Internet in a nutshell. We haven’t discussed much about this reading in class yet, but I suppose that we will get to it very soon. This reading is quite interesting and gives bullet point facts on a timeline about the Internet.

The Internet has progressed so much within such a small amount of time. And with the Internet growing at such a fast pace, so has the media. Pop culture (Popular Culture) has so much variety nowadays because of how fast the media is able to collect so much information. Pop Culture is basically everything that the media and popular celebrities consider to be new trends of that time of year. What I mean by that is, last century’s pop culture is different from this century and so on.

For example in the 70’s Bob Marley was considered as part of Pop Culture. However nowadays not many people know him unless they grew up in the 70’s. Of course though, people don’t really follow what the media says…but if the media had certain popular celebrity faces on their ads or music videos, then it is easier for people to follow. And when people follow up on which celebrity does what to their hair, for example, that is what is considered as pop culture. And with the power of the Internet, pop culture is even more accessible.

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