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Social Media and Pop Culture

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Last blog post, I talked about how we are addicted to social media and
and for this blog post I’ll talk about how those social media have a big impact on pop culture.

Almost every famous celebrities, artists, and politicians have websites linked to their twitter and facebook accounts.
Here’s an good example of this:

These social media sites allow them to communicate their fans.
Lady Gaga has 13,970,618 followers (more and more people are followig…!!) :0 :) :D

Using social media, they can let fans know of news, new songs, sale and many exciting information.
Also fans can post their comments, ask questions and so on.
Fans can enjoy listen to music, watch music videos, look at photos and many things… :)

Social media plays a big role in influencing pop culture because most people get information from it.
Here’s another article about pop culture and social media:

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