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Pop Culture and AKB48

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Do you know AKB48?
Maybe some of you have heard the name at least one time.
AKB48 is one of Japanese idol group which is really influential for Japanese pop culture.

AKB48 is Japanese idol group that was produced by Yasushi Akimoto.
AKB48 was advertised as “Idol You Can Meet“: create a theater based idol group whose fans could see their live daily.

That is really new style concept of idol group, but because of the concept, they make many kinds of problems.
I will pick up three AKB48’s common and popular problems in here.
?Fake Popularity
Usually, their CD pertain an event ticket which fans can see them and shook hands.
Some core fans want to shook hands many time, so they buy bunch of CD.
According to the guys, he waist on his money for buying CD. He spend about 2,000,000 yen for this, and he bought at least hundred of CDs for each.
Recently, these kind of “Core Fan” appear to be growing.
I think they can be a reason why AKB48 sell many CD and seems like it became a big hit and topped the Oricon chart.
?Bad Rumors on the Internet
Some of anti-AKB fans spread rumors about AKB48 members: some of them create a movie thing and upload on Youtube or nikoniko-douga.
Generally, most of the rumors are about members’ cosmetic surgery performance.

These anti-fan’s purpose for spreading rumors is to attack their favorite idols’ rivals which in turn would shift their popularity onto their favorite one.
There are many kinds of disgusting things about AKB48.

These rumors can be a reason that members disaffiliate from group.

?Unofficial AKB Products
Some fans create many unofficial AKB products.

One of the famous example is “Oppai(boobs) Mouse Pad”


It can destroy image of AKB48 members, but many AKB fans bought the unofficial products.
You still can buy this on Yahoo auction
The three problems are really common to Japanese idol group, not only AKB48.
Internet supported AKB48 to be popular, but ironically it has helped negatively.
Whether they are good or not, we can not harm them.
Fans should support them in right way.
Unofficial products and rumors do not help AKB at all.
Sadly, we still can see the negative things on Internet.
We should realize how social media and Internet are powerful to influence someone, something, and somewhere.

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