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Our group’s topic is gossip and we decided that our theme is gossip in the Internet. Then we separated the work by categories and my topic is gossip on singers ?.

We hear gossip every day- you hear from TV, read magazines and newspaper…There are a lot of mediums that spread gossips. Really a lot! This shows that people generally like to gossip about their favorite celebrities and singers.

Most powerful medium:

There are so many mediums and most influencial medium today is the Internet for sure. There are blogs, Youtube, Email, etc… Every famous singer has SNS (Social Networking Service). SNS allows singers to communicate their fans from all over the world anytime and anywhere.

There are a lot of SNS available on the Internet.
Here’s the list of SNS.
Most popular and famous ones are Twitter, Facebook, etc..
In Japan, we also have Ameba, and Mixi, for example.

They are updated every day, or even every minute and some people are eager to know all the latest gossip and check their i-phone nearly every second. People want to know about their favorite singers’ daily lives, what they do, wear, etc…
For example, if you google a famous singer Lady Gaga, instantly 387,000,000 results will come up. You can know her life, watch music videos and many other things about her just by clicking.

People gossip about her from all over the world as you can see there are @ladygagauk, @ladygagamexico etc…
Actually she is the most followed person on Twitter- she has 14 million followers and the nunmber of followers are still keep rising! (source by the

What people gossip about:
What people gossip about?
I’ll take Lady Gaga as an example.
Her fans gossip about a lot of things- bascically everything!

New song:
Fans enjoy listening to her songs and fans share their opinions about songs -is it bad or good, etc…

Her sister:
Fans are curious about people around her as well.
Natali Germanotta Pic

Her fashion:
Her unique fashion style is often talked about. Fans want to know what kinds of brands she wears and so on.
Lady Gaga Devil Outfit

Who go out with:
This is very common topic for gossip. Fans want to know her relationship.
Taylor Kinney Picture

and there’s an interesting and unique fan site The Gaga Facts:
here people even talk about

Submitted by dear-monsters.

Submitted by ontheedgeofthelaw.
Fans gossip about everything!
Her fans tweet about her and they also enjoy communicating and exchanging their thoughts and opinions among themselves through SNS.

SNS plays a big role as it spreads gossip all over the world, connecting not only singers and their fans but also among fans anytime and anywhere. Fans can search information on SNS, and leave comments to singers and/or other fans. SNS has links and it takes anywhere depending on your interests and likes. This allows people to share their interests and making new networks – I think this is one of reason why SNS has got so popular.

Impact of gossip:
Gossips make singers famous. Singers can promote their new songs, new event information just by twittering and then it gets tweeted by a lot of fans instantly and get spread around easily. So this made so much easier and cheaper for singers to promote themselves. Singers can appearl to their fans and some even make up their own gossip so that they can catch people’s attention.
Fans can easily buy her albums online using iTunes
Fans are also able to know the upcoming tours/concerts/events…

Too often gossip go beyond far too much. Some want to talk about only bad things. Singers have no or little privacy. Gossips cause a lot of misunderstandings after all gossips are just word-of-mouth.
Here’s are some examples of bad gossip:
Some say that Lady Gaga imitates Madonna’s song:
Did Lady Gaga Rip Off Madonna?
Lady Gaga is troubled by one of crazy fans:
Gaga gets writ against crazed fan

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