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Pop-Culture: Gossip and Media

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Connection #ds674 by hughes_tuj
Connection #ds674, a photo by hughes_tuj on Flickr.    

Tumbler, Twitter, Facebook and etc…any type of networking website could be a tool to get gossip around the world. The dictionaries are used when slang comes up and the person does not know what it means. The most basic form of gossip and media get to the public by magazines, newspapers, tabloids, advertisement, and TV. 

Youtube could be used to do anything. It could be used to make fun of artists, and TV shows such as Family Guy or Saturday Night Live especially make fun of celebrities. And those who want to be like celebrities who are made fun of, are made fun of themselves. Rebecca Black has been big news…although at first people were hating on her and now people are feeling sorry for her. In my own opinion…gossip is usually negative and the media seems to just make gossip stronger or in another sense gives gossip its push that it needs to make it into the pop culture of today…I honestly don’t understand what makes people want to gossip so much about celebrities etc.
On the other hand, I can understand why some people would like to gossip online. There are websites such as 2chan and 4chan which are websites where people can freely express their opinions without ANY restrictions. I guess that since it is on the internet then they don’t have to state their name or show their faces, so it’s a whole different world of absolute freedom for those people. I think it’s great for them!

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