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Digital Storytelling!! Using the Web

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Tim Berners-Lee: The World Wide Web - Opportunity, Challenge, Responsibility
Image: Tim Berners-Lee: The World Wide Web – Opportunity, Challenge, Responsibility by Fräulein Schiller through CC Licensing
The gist of what Digital Storytelling means for our new class project, ds106 is the usage of digital tools to tell our own real life story. I have seen and read some other work by others who are part of the ds106 community and it seems that their topics can be about anything as long as it follows the requirements of the assignment given. It reminds me of Dailyshoot–DERP–which is probably why it is called “ds106”.
Although I really enjoy seeing other’s designs in the Design category in ds106, I think that the Web category is really practical and probably the easiest to understand.

Using the Web can be a fun and easy way to tell a real life story.

Like this video above, you see different people with different stories. We have the capacity to make a difference in other people’s lives by sharing our own experiences through the internet. I really like this suggestion for Web Assignments. As it says, “Yes, I know that these are, technically, videos but the point is that they are using a functional web tool (the search engine) to actually enact a narrative. Video is just the means of capturing the narrative.”

Here is a blog of creating a literal real life story using the internet. :)

And this one is great! The author gives a wonderful explanation and interesting usage of  The Wayback Machine!

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