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Midterm Exam: Design Assignment: Greetings from Tokushima

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Greetings from ds106:Tell us where you are, where you’re from, or simply where you’d rather be and build a greeting card.    
So, I decided to create a greeting card from my hometown, Tokushima.

 Hello, from Tokushima!!! :D

Greetings from Tokushima! :)

Image: Tokushima-5 by luisete through CC licensing

I’m from Tokushima, Japan.
I grew up in tokushima and lived there until when I was a junior high school student.
At the moment I live in Tokyo and I still often go back to Tokushima because I miss it there and I can’t help it :)

 Tokushima is a small town and people often make fun of it because it is inaka (countyside), but I love it and I’m proud of the fact that I come from there.
Tokushima is a beautiful island called Shikoku and it is surrounded by clean sea and mountains.

The picture I embedded is Awaodori, which is famous dance in Tokushima.
I chose this photo because it is a great fun to see it.
Every summer, Awaodori festival is held and awadance is enjoyed by many people who are not only from Tokushima but also from other area of Japan and world! :D
2011 Tokushima Awa Dance Poster was pretty famous because famous illustrator created it.

Here’s a video clip if you never see Awaodori:

 Hope you enjoy reading this assighment and know about Tokushima a little bit more :)

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