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Midterm exam (Mashup)

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I’m not sure if it is proper for exam but I will do my best.

A degital stollytelling assignments are our new project that would be focus on next. It is kinda similar as dailyshoot assignments that we did on twitter before. To join this project, we just need to have own blogs.

I’m gonna explain what “mashup” category is.
The meaning of “mashup” is that making things crushed and mixed.
Mashup by Meet The Chumbeques’ photostream thorogh creative commons

Assignments are like these.
“Movie Trailar Mashup” project is that making different story by using whatever favorite music trailar and adding other audio or part of movies. For example, his,his and hers
“Music Mash” project is that making a totally different song by mixing songs. If you put a word “mashup” on YouTube’s search box, you can find some ideas about this. Such as

For me this category sounds fun however, it may take time to make these kind of movies and music. As you can see from this page, only a few people did this category than other ones.

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