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A Glimpse at My Future

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I’ve been thinking about what the world finds interesting, as of late. I’ve been trying to find interests of mine that will correlate with those of others because, like your average person, I can be funny but not always. If your asking why this matters, well it has a lot to do with my future plans. Because of my decision to ‘take over the internet world by 2013’ I’ve been thinking back on youtube videos that have really made me laugh, or ones that I’ve just loved in general. I thought: what was it about them that I liked? Was it the content? The way it was presented? Was it the coincidentally attractive face standing behind the camera? Surely all of the above, plus more, but one think I can assure is you don’t have to be a pretty face to make awesome videos.

But I digress. I was thinking of who my YouTube Icons would be. Who I admire most, and would like to model my style after. Curious of the contenders?

Here’s Smosh! I came across them first around the time the twilight movies were beginning to come out. The duo had created a parody of the saga’s New Moon movie. The following video/series is one of my favourites of them. They’ve started a small series entitled “Pokemon in Real Life”

Right. So as the title suggests they parody the Pokemon Games, and with much truth might I add. If you’ve ever played the games, you’ll totally understand Anthony’s feelings as he journeys through the world of Pokemon!!

I’m also quite fond of their If Video Games Were Real (as well as other if ____ were real)

With Smosh, however, their videos are just that. Quite legit videos that include small skits and sketches, and stories. They’re funny, yes. I love them. But is that really my angle? In some cases, yes.

Next up we have Nerimon and Littleradge

Unlike Smosh both Alex (nerimon) and Liam (Littleradge) are pretty much just your average everyday vloggers who video themselves and tell stories of there lives. Possibly, the only thing special that they use is a good camera, and editting program.

I would probably go for the latter. At least in the begining. then at some point in my life build myself up. My goal is to get to VidCon within the next few years.
In all honesty, the Internet is truly a beautiful place. an exapnsive universe where anyone from anywhere can come and be anything! Just beautiful!?

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