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Weekly Blog #3

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I’m going to talk about a summary/response to Timmmmyboy’s “We Are All Artists” lecture as assigned by Michael Branson Smith on the Week 4 Post for CUNY ds106.

He talks about that we are all artists in someway,
and we are surrounded by a lot of forms of arts.

I totally agree with him.
I think life is filled with arts,
and life itself is art as well.
How to paint your daily life with many different colors.

What I mean is that what you do is kind of art.
Like no one can draw exactly same picture,
no one lives the same life.

For example,

A cup of coffee you make every morning,
(The first thing that I do when I wake up every day )

Coffee LOL
Image:Coffee LOL by Javier Benek through CC licensing.

Obento (lunch box) you make for someone special to you,
(I often put ready-made foods and microwave them though :P but still it’s nicer than cup ramen, etc… )
Lunch box for January
Image: lunch box for January by monicca through CC licensing.

This lunch box is really artistic!! :) :D :)

I think anyone can be an artist.
You don’t have to major art, to be a proffesional designer, or to make/invent creative things.
There are many forms of art in many different levels.

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