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weekly blog assignment #3

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Post-It Note Art Collage (PINAP)
Post-It Note Art Collage (PINAP) by Ceito ATV thru creativecommons

There are three definitions of the word of “artist” in a dictionary.
1, someone who produces art, especially paintings or drawings
2, a professional performer, especially a singer, dancer, or actor
3, informal someone who is extremely good at something 

In timmmmyboy’s blog, he is talking about his idea and he thinks that “we are all artists”. I totally agree with him. I think every actions we do in our daily life relate to art or something creative somehow. We just don’t know the actions are the art and creating something, I think. For example, taking pictures is one of arts. Cooking would be also arts. Taking notes in a class would be also because it is needed not only writing but also how to arrange words, graphs, whatever.

Everyone at least had an opportunity to take an art class in school before. In a class, teachers label and give scores for what we made. Some could have good scores, on the other hand, some could also get bad scores. I have really had no idea why teachers do this for the things we made since I was in elementary school because everyone must have done their best for those.

However, as I wrote first, the definitions of “artist” sounds like more “professional” and this word is like not for “everyone”. But I believe in that everyone can be an artist as timmmmyboy thinks :)

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