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We’re all artists?

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Basically, I think that you can already feel if you can be creative or not as an artist. From my personal experience I felt that what he was saying was somewhat good. Such as the example that he gave about the coffee filters.

Just taking something simple and making it interesting can in itself be art. But I?still think that sometimes, as is the case with some of my friends, you need something more than just a simple idea. pictures such as the one below would not be easy to think of simply. You need to take it beyond just a picture.

picture from this site

I consider myself to be an artist, but I found that I am the type that cant just do it all the time. I love taking ideas when they come and do them. Sometimes I just cant just take an idea and make something. I?need to, as he said, play around with them before I?can make something of it. Its a good idea but I?still think that artists already know these things from when they are able to think on their own, not something thats learned.

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