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Why cant we just share it?

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image from this site.

With an abundance of information out there, there is always someone who can use this to their advantage but something gets in their way. Thats copyright and despite the fact that this might be useful information that could lead to other things, sometimes getting a hold of this information is not possible due to many reasons, such as the copyright holder not giving the right to use this information. Because of this there is also another type of protection, but this type makes information much more accessible to all of those who want it. That is where creative commons comes into play.

picture from this site.

CCreative commons is something that many countries have been using. Sites showing how to utilize this methods are available in many language and can help many people with sharing information that they want to set publicly. The link for the site where the above picture is from, has such an example of this. It goes through different things such as looking up information about creative commons and provides you with information about it.

Though copryright is a good thing, sometimes it can also keep you from expressing or doing things in a way that you want. youtube is an excellent example of this. Many videos that have been on youtube for a long time, but due to restraints with copyrights, many videos need to be altered and changed in order to not infringe on these copyrights, even though 99% of the video was created by the uploader. So many times videos become muted because of a small section of audio that was from a copyrighted song. Because of this, it has led to people trying to take action to resolve this issue. Small sites and groups such as Stop?WGM from ruining Youtube have sprung up and try to change these things. I think that this copyright issue is good to have, but sometimes is really taken out of context and overused. Creative commons would be a much better alternative, especially in a world that is mostly based with digital information.

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