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Ds 106 #5 "Web"

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A lot of useful “Web” pages.

First of many new web sites on ds106

I am not good at computer skills, so I was concerned about how I can pass this CIS 0835 class. According to my expectation, there were a lot of classmates who have good computer skills when I attended first class. 

Professor informed me of many useful “Web” sites, which is used  while I muddled on posting blog and doing presentation.


Blogger by Shavar Ross through CC Lincesing
It was my first time to make my own blog. Blog was nothing but reading article to me. I would never think about blog before. I am doing blog post assignment by using “”.
After I pass this class, I have plan to keep posting blog instantly.

Hell Yes to Video on

Flickr by Hookham through CC Lincesing
I had ever uploaded photos on SNS sites. Posting photos on “” can be interworking and share between “” and other SNS sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

Picnik by Torley through CC Lincesing
Actually, Photo shop computer software is not easy to use to beginner; however, “Picnik” website is really easy to use for edited photos. I can edit my photo what I want to change, so I already used it one time for my first ds106 assignment.

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