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Politics in the internet

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Nowadays, politics and the internet seem to go hand in hand. But, because of this they also play a negative part in how the Government see the use of the internet. The internet has become a very powerful tool. The power and influence of the internet can also be seen as a huge threat. For this reason many countries also take great measures to have some means of control over the internet. For most of the world there is not really much of a problem with this. But the best, if it could be called that, example of internet control would be China. China is well know its “Great Fire Wall” that filters every aspect of the internet for the people of China. Whenever politics begin to be affected in someway in China, the Government immediately takes actions to stop and stomp out any type of disruptions. Measure that go as far as cutting internet use from Chinese people. Almost all forms of social networking are banned and/ blocked.

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This is had to the action of groups and individuals attempting to take action to help people have access to the outside world and access to information that is otherwise restricted to them. They provide people with tools to help bypass these securities that China has set up. But this is not the only form of action with politics that the internet has a presences in. There is another form that has made its presence very well known  recently. This is a group called “anonymous”.  They have been very well known for a few very publicized attacks on networks. They are a group of hackers that have no face, no name (anonymous is just a nickname given by media), no actual structure. They work in unison to do their work. Aside from attacking SONY they are also responsible for the “occupy wall street” movment. These are some of the issues that come with having internet involved with politics. They can help but they can also be bad. In recent days we can see the bad with this, but in someways they can also be good. Which way it is to be seen depends on the views of that person.

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