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Blog Post for Final Exam

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As I mentioned in my blog #4, it is tremendously important and hard at the same time to protect our identity and privacy online, and I feel the problem of virus is the worst aspect that Internet brought us to.
Internet is used by people of all generations from all over the world. There is so far no security point we have to go through when we use Internet. Therefore, it has been a hotbed of virus we basically do not know what to do about.
Huge amount of viruses is widespread in Internet such as Adware, Malware, Spyware and Trojan and each causes different problems. This is why I feel Internet is really scary if we miss focusing on what we have to take care at least by ourselves. We can protect our personal information, data, and other stuffs by using antivirus programs.
Here is the link that is explained about a virus itself and the solution of how to cope effectively with it.

At the same time, however, it seems pretty serious situation when it comes to the leak of important information from huge companies. And it brings more disastrous situation if the information is one of the timely and “under-constructed” problem.

We will never forget the day when we experienced huge earthquake in Japan. And gradually, this natural disaster brought us problems such as the issue of nuclear plants and so on. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ security page which was managing these nuclear plant data got hacked, and these information was stolen by hackers. Here is the link of the article page.
Now this is not the “we can protect our personal information from a virus” problem anymore. It might cause huge negative influence to Japan by these national information being leaked.

Even though there are various of “anti-virus” programs for each of us to utilize, these incidents symbolize that Internet can be pretty fragile sometimes.

The best aspect of Internet for me on the other hand is the speed of spreading information globally. I found this article from the link “!”, and I automatically thought this story is hilarious. Here is the link of the article.

This article is about 3 daughters of Republican candidate Jon Huntsman, and they leak videos filled with wit and sarcasm for their father’s bid. Sadly however, their efforts turned out to be making their own fame that they achieved through Internet sensation with a YouTube video.
This story is one of the examples of how the Internet can change their lives by being famous. Even though most of the viewers of their videos never see and listen them, people already are confused, and they even make huge influence toward the certain areas in “real world”.

As one more example, there is one female university student who exposed her naked picture  via twitter and her own blog. She is Egyptian and she was trying to express her freedom from the social and religious pressure. Here is the link of the article page.

Her message spread globally and even some well-informed persons such as human right workers commented positively on this issue. It gets controversial subject and she is the center of confusion under fire from Islamic law graduates. 
I simply take these significant power or force that Internet has as a legacy that contemporary people made. Of course there are amount of negative side that Internet has, but it is also true that we can use it as influential and informative source for EVERYTHING.
Again, I believe Internet can be beneficial or harmful depending on how we use it. As long as we have a basic and necessary smartness, we can live with Internet successfully and usefully.

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