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Final exam blog post

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It is obvious that the internet gives us convenient lives, however, many people claim that the internet has bad influence as well. I would like to introduce my opinions of good and bad aspects of using the internet.

Since “smartphones” such as iPhone are popular these days, we can access to the internet anytime, anywhere and easily. I am iPhone user and it does so many jobs and I don’t think I can live without it. According to this site, malicious software (malware) would affect not only your computer, but also your smartphone by such as downloading applications and files. I’ve never thought that internet virus affect smartphones so I was bit surprized. Malware wouldn’t let your phone recieve any messages or phone calls and also, it would download any files and applications without permissons. If you got virus on smartphone, it woudn’t work properly same as computers got virus. To avoid getting malware on smartphones, it is affective to check review of the application. It is annoying to get virus but also, it might spread to your friends without knowing it.

Internet doesn’t need to show our faces, we tend to say whatever we like. It would take as a good way to say opinions, however, if people get used to talk as anonymous, people might get communication difficulties like people become afraid of talking to people face to face.

However, the internet has great influence on our lives as I wrote before, and as you might already know. Can you imagine your life without the internet?

We can use the internet as a tool for keeping in touch with friends. Before, writing letter or calling were the only way however, it takes pretty long while to get letters or it costs to call. Facebook is such a world wide social network sevice therefore you can contact with people out of your country soon.

If we didn’t have time to go shopping, you can shop at home.. by using the internet. Nowadays many shops have online shop. Moreover, online shop have more stocks than an individual shop.

There are still so many considerations of using the internet. Therefore, people using the internet have to have knowledge of these, be careful and take responsibilities.
I almost everyday conect to the internet but I’ve never had bad experiece of using the internet. Therefore I have much more positive image of it than negative image. If I didn’t take this CIS class, I would never know about the malware and other bad influences of internet therefore, it was really good opportunity for me. I think people like me should be careful!

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