Response to Gardner Cambell’s “Bag of Gold”

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Gardner Cambell’s paper and video expressed very progressive ideas regarding the internet and education. A bag of gold stands for the advances that can be obtained from a personal cyber infrastructure. People may refuse a bag of gold due to convenience. Old ways are usually easier because we already know them. It is hard and time consuming to learn new ways of communication and operating though the internet.  Cyber infrastructure and students becoming system administrators could revolutionize advances in education. That alone is another reason why some might hesitate to take the proverbial bag of gold. If a new form of education was adopted then work would have to be done to work out the kinks. Also education as we know it would completely change, which is a scary concept. A digital facelift is when the internet is used to give an old concept a new appearance. A digital facelift does not change the old institution but merely digitalizes it. A newspaper is still a newspaper whether it is on the internet or in print. The potential benefits of personal cyber infrastructure include new way of learning and creative output. Some additional benefits could include advances in all fields of study due to the amount of pure creativity. Some draw backs could be adapting standing protocol regarding education to accommodate the new standard of education. In conclusion the proverbial bag of gold holds potential for future development, not monetary gains. I hold that the evolution of the internet and education relies in people taking that bag of gold.

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