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What the Hell am I gonna write about?

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I’ll probably just end up posting random videos of drummers and shit I find online. Some of it will be while browsing cool videos on my youtube account (

or looking at my tumblr (I rarely post, so nothing follow really)

I figured since drums are (and will continue to be) on the mind, I’d start there.

FACT: John Henry Bonham was one of THE greatest drummers to ever live.

                                    (He is tied with Buddy Rich)

He is so great, this blog is even named after him (“Bonzo” was Bonham’s nickname).

If you don’t know who/what Led Zeppelin is, you have my pity. Led Zeppelin IS NOT “some guy”, something I have heard on my very campus. No, not one man…but rather, 4 Gods.

If you have not heard them, here’s a good place to start:

Sick track.

I got introduced to Zeppelin by my old drum set teacher, and professional badass. Check out his youtube for cool music stuff, lots of jazz if you are into that! (which you should be)

I would kill for Bonhams right foot. That thing does work all day, e’eryday. If you listen you can hear at 0:28-0:31, it does some cool shit.

If you are cool enough, you’ll watch his Moby Dick solo (It’s about 30 minutes long…strap in)


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