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One simple Daily Create which I loved featured, Taking a photo that features my favorite color. 

Two Favorite Shades of Green

Without adding any other effects or lighting, I really liked how the picture came out. Sometimes I get lucky like that with photos.

This Daily Create was to take a photo of someone else’s art and make it my own.

Justice League with Freakazoid

This picture was originally drawn for the TV show, Justice Leauge. The character to the right of Batman was originally the Flash. However, using photoshop I changed him to Freakazoid (character from a cartoon show on WB).

For this daily create, I was to take a photo of an object that was to let me know how old I felt. 

View Master

I can remember using this thing since I was about 3 years old. Yup I feel old. Apologies to those who feel older.

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