Dynamite Radio Bumper

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Today my group and I assembled in the the CT lab to make our bumper for our radio show.

The song was found by Alasia on soundcould.com

I knew we were going to have to mix the audio. So I tried as best I could to lean how to use Soundtrack Pro as fast as I could. I’m used to mixing all my things with Sony Vegas on my home PC.

As I dabbled around I discovered the basics such as splitting, mixing, fading and adjusting the volume in certain parts. Adjusting the volume was different than the process I use in Sony Vegas, so I looked online and found out how.

Alasia and I went to an empty classroom down the hall from the lab to record my voice used in the bumper.

Afterwards, we imported the music, the clip of my voice and a radio tuning sound wave I found on freesound.org

I spent a dozen or so minutes editing it all into Soundtrack Pro and finalized it and Voilà!

It was a pretty cool experience and learning how to use a program like Soundtrack Pro on the spot was interesting. I was impressed actually, that I learned how to use it so fast. Some of the shortcut keys were the same as Sony Vegas, which helped a lot. Now I’m proud to know how to use Soundtrack Pro, my next lesson learning, Final Cut Pro in 10 minutes ha ha.

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