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Ever since my first day of football practice as a young child to now, sports have been my life. My dad played football in his earlier age and as soon as me and my older brother got to be the right age to play he automatically put us on every athletic sports field. From football to baseball and basketball to lacrosse I played every sport that you can possibly imagine, but i loved football the most out of them all. Sports have helped my writing because I know the topic so well which makes it easier to write about it. In school starting around the fourth grade I began writing about the effect of sports on my life and how its shaped me to be the person I am now.

My major in college which is Sports Broadcasting w/ a minor in Theater will help me in the long run because if  I make the right choices I could be writing plays or movies. It’s easy for me to write about the events/subjects that have effected my life or helped me in the long run. When it comes to sports, I could tell you everything that you need to know about them in any context. My parents always told me that I have the gift of gab which makes me the perfect person to announce any type of sports games. They didn’t choose my major for me, but they did help me make my mind up between that and the Sports Medicine major.

My ultimate dream in life is to be an actor in Hollywood, which I’m fully capable of doing if I stay on task with my writing and education. I have the full potential to make it to Hollywood as an actor or script writer but my writing is holding me back. What I believe is holding me down is the length and sometimes the quality of my writing which I need to fix asap because I can’t achieve my goal without fixing that. As this semester goes on I know my writing has gotten a little better but not where I want it to be to attain my goal. Honestly, sports have taken me far in life in context of my writing but if I want to get better then I have to expand my writing beyond that and better myself.

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