Information Fluency

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Recently For Eng307 we’ve watched a neat little slide show that gave us some information about information fluency.  Information fluency is the ability to use digital information correctly and efficiently.

It has 5 major steps:

Question, Search, Strategy, Evaluation, and Ethical use.

Lets say you have a research paper to do, or more simply just have a question.  Skills in information fluency will help you locate the material you need faster, assess how accurate the information is and if it’s coming from a reputable source.  And finally enable you to use the information in an ethical manner.

I think in the 21st century information fluency is both crucial and critical.  It’s so important these days to be able to navigate the web, knowing what your looking for, and knowing it when you see it.

The ethical component of information fluency is huge.  Every other step is apart of finding the information, but what matters most really is how you will use it.  With copyright laws and the heavy penalties of plagiarism, it’s crucial to know how to use information correctly, and site the proper people that are needed.

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