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“When you step out of your comfort zones, go into the unknown, that is when we change.  If we are not pushing ourselves and doing something different, we stay the same, we never evolve.  Push yourselves….”

That is what my yoga instructor said as she turned off the lights while I lay on my back becoming in sync with my breathing in a soft, relaxing tone.  Is it sick that while I was supposed to be practicing my breathing I was actually trying to memorize what she said so I could memorize it and blog about it?  Yeah, I think so too.

I’ve never been to a real yoga class.  I follow along with my roommate Jackie when she randomly does it, but this was my first real class.  Usually I go for the more active workouts like running or kickboxing, but this was a pleasant surprise for me. I actually really enjoyed it!  With the end-of-the-semester-blues /stress hitting me hard, this was exactly what I needed.  To top off my experience even more, it was hot yoga.  To say I sweat was an understatement, I was dripping.  It felt great, I felt like I let all of the toxins and stresses drip out of my body.

After this yoga class, I felt stronger.  My body felt strong yet serene and calm at the same time.  It was a weird yet amazing feeling.  I’d have to say for anyone who is in the area of Ithaca, NY, you should go to Mighty Yoga.  I loved it!  Small, intimate environment, right in the beautiful Ithaca Commons.  I cannot wait to go back for my next class!  I guess you can start calling me a Yogi :P

At the end of our hour and 15 minute class, our instructor dimmed the lights yet again and allowed us to become in sync with our breathing once more.  ”When you push yourself, you surprise yourself and become something you never could imagine.  Allow change, be something new.”

I think her opening and closing remarks are something to keep in the back of your mind, always allow change.  You never know where it will bring you!

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